Filipe Carvalho

Filipe Carvalho

Jury of SHORTS

Filipe Carvalho was born in Lisbon in 1987. He holds a degree in Mechanics, a master’s degree in Anthropology-Visual Cultures from Universidade NOVA de Lisboa and works between Lisbon and Munich.

Filipe has dedicated himself to documentary film since 2008 and has seen his pictures being presented regularly in national film festivals and screenings.

He has directed several films, of which the following documentaries stand out “Lugar Cheio, Solidão Vagueia” (2009), “Legados de José Afonso” (2010) and “Fio D’Azeite” (2012), products of the period he spent living in Alentejo and Trás-os-Montes. Simultaneously he has been working collectively at video-installations screened and awarded in Italy, Germany and Portugal, amongst other countries. He has been collaborating with the association Filhos de Lumière, in cinema workshops at schools for kids and youngsters. He’s member of The Random Collective, an international multidisciplinary nomadic collective, and Gato Aleatório which organizes Movimento – Meeting of Collaborative Cinema.

“Life Out There Has It Been Seen?” his most recent documentary, premieres at the International Medium Length and Short Film Competition, of the International Film Festival Visions du Réel 2018, in Switzerland.